Kristin M. Wistar

Interior Design
Feng Shui and
Dowsing Specialist

ASID Allied Member
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“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

My mission is to help my clients create a beautifully designed living space that makes them feel so good they never want to leave. This is what I call an enlightened living space. I help my clients get in touch with their biggest heart-felt desires and use the power of Feng Shui and beautiful design to attract loving relationships, financial flow and greater health in their homes and their offices.

Kristin has always found joy in beautifying spaces and transforming people’s homes. Her passion has been a blessing that turned into a lifelong career. For more than 27 years, she has created uplifting and nurturing spaces that reflect the true beauty of her clients’ houses and businesses. Her devotion to creating harmony, order and love through conscious designs is what makes her work unique; Feng Shui allows her to create true, evolutionary art.

Kristin graduated from the University of Delaware in 1988 with a B.S. in Interior design. Shortly after, she started her own business in 1990. Years later, enduring several health issues would open her mind and heart to an intricate world of spiritual experiences, leading to her interest in Feng Shui wisdom. When called into question, it was her well-being that forced her to evaluate her life on a deeper level and search within for answers on her path to becoming whole again. Kristin sought many healing modalities that were previously unknown to her. She’d recognized that her external reality was simply a reflection of her internal one, and tending to both is integral to changing for the better. Kristin realized she could marry the inner workings of Feng Shui with her wisdom in interior design, positively impacting people’s health, relationships and prosperity through their living and working environments.

Upon realizing that her beautifully decorated home reflected her as the “Interior Designer” and not Kristin’s true soul, she would learn that the house was not supportive for health and well-being. When she added Feng Shui elements of nature to her home, she immediately felt a lift in the energy around her, a connection to the universal order that surrounds us all. Items placed in her home with purpose proved to support her and her family, and she developed a new awareness as she designed consciously, with intention.

Kristin helps her clients create what they truly desire through the law of attraction, and adjust their surroundings to support the aspects of their lives that need improvement. She is committed to educating and enriching people’s lives by bringing Feng Shui and beautiful design into their environments so that they can enjoy the best quality of life for themselves, their families and all others whose lives they touch.

Kristin enjoys teaching Feng Shui and Design workshops, writing blogs about the Feng Shui lifestyle and articles in local publications. Her education in Interior Design and Feng Shui extends abroad from France, Italy and Ireland. In addition to her degree in Interior Design, she studied with world-renowned Feng Shui masters Marie Diamond (Diamond Feng Shui), Amanda Collins (International Feng Shui School) and other masters in the field. She received certifications in Modern Day Shamanism, Inner Diamond Meditation, Dowsing and several other means of healing.

On a personal note, Kristin loves to express herself through dance, fitness, gardening and photography. Curious at heart, she is a self-described truth-seeker, adventurer of new places, and an explorer of new concepts. She enjoys spending time with her husband, two children, and her dogs.  She is most comfortable when barefoot in nature, gardening with her hands in the earth and connecting and sharing with others in meaningful conversation.

My larger intention is to raise human consciousness by creating enlightened spaces that reflect humanity’s inner beauty and promote joy, harmony and balance in the universe.
Aside from my design interests, a love of nature fuels my other passions for animals, photography, landscaping, organic gardening, healthy nutrition yoga and dance.

Interior Design + Feng Shui + Dowsing Specialist


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