Dowsing significantly enhances the energy level
in any room, home or office building

Dowsing is a divining practice used to detect and cure energy in our environment created by disturbances to the earths natural, harmonious flow that can cause stress in your bodies and your homes.

Some of the reasons geopathic stress is caused:

Change in soil composition (ie. from sand to clay)

Certain mineral concentrations

Polluted underground water

Fault lines & fractures

Cost is determined based on scope of the job and square footage of property and building. This will be determined during our first call.

Healthy Spaces / Healthy Homes

On this earth and in our homes, there exists both positive and negative energy. We begin to understand this when we think of different places in nature that we’re attracted to. Where do you go to get rejuvenated, relaxed, or inspired? If you’re like most people, you go to the ocean, a lake, or river. If you’re not close to one of these, you will find a beautiful garden or woods. You innately know that these places in nature are good for you and sometimes you crave to be there. Why? Because the energy of nature transforms us. When we create this natural balance in our own homes, we can extend our rejuvenation and inspiration long after our visits in nature.

So why can’t our homes be just like these places in nature?

There are certain energies that create stress. Some of these are under the surface of the earth, called geopathic stress. Geo “of the earth” and pathos means “disease” which equates to earth illness. Geopathic stress is natural radiation that rises up from the earth and scientists are learning more each year about these stress lines and the impact they have on us. There have been studies linking geopathic stress to many health issues. If one is sleeping or working on geopathic stress lines, it has a much greater impact on one’s well-being. The longer one is exposed to high levels of geopathic stress the more subject one can be to illness. Unfortunately geopathic stress is quite common in our environments. There are many causes of geopathic stress, but rest assured it can be detected and cured.

There are also various frequencies created by our technology cell towers, power lines, radio towers, and satellite dishes that affect us. Since these are new frequencies for humanity to deal with, we are just now finding solutions to deal with the impact they have on us.

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Why do I need to have my house/building dowsed?

Because stressed energy fields in our environment can impact our bodies and immune systems. They can make us feel tired, stressed and sick. They challenge our physical, emotional and spiritual well being.

How can you bring your home back to its natural state of balance?

As a Diamond Dowser , I am able to both detect and cure negative energy and help you enhance the already positive energy in your home. When finding the negative energy in your home, you will understand why you and your family are having certain experiences. You will also see and feel the difference when your home is returned to its natural state of balance.

What are the possible outcomes of dowsing?

  • A sense of feeling calmer
  • Better communication between members of the family
  • More energized and focused
  • Better sleep
  • Increase in finances
  • Feeling more in the flow of life
  • Decrease insect infestation

How often do the energies change and how often does my house need dowsing?

The energy will shift depending on where you live. Not all energy shifts occur around the planet at the same time and there is no schedule on where and when they happen.

You may not be able to track changes in your area, so if you notice something shifts in mood, sleep or behaviors, I would have the lines checked again.

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