Buying or Selling Real Estate

Pre-Purchase Review of Real estate

When investing in a new home or office a Feng Shui pre-evaluation is extremely beneficial in finding the most supportive and harmonious environment for your family or business. In order to provide a compatibility chart I ask that you provide the year the house was built and the birthdates of the occupants.
Cost: $225.00/hr., 2hr. min.

Staging and sale of home

Getting a home ready for sale and selling quickly is must in real estate. A Feng Shui evaluation for sale and staging can assist in making this process move smoothly and release the blocks that are standing in the way.

I will provide you with:
Design advice to stage your home.
Secret cures used in Feng Shui for selling real estate.
Dowsing the property, space clearing, release and blessing.

Cost: $225.00/hr, 2 hr. min.

Building from the ground up

Select the perfect location for a new home

If you have the privilege to build a new house or office and choose where you are going to place it, you’ve got an incredible opportunity to create a magical environment. I can assist you in finding the best location for your home or building on your land and position it to bring it harmonious energy that is supportive for you and your family using ancient Feng Shui calculations and principles.

I will survey the quality and energy of the landscape based on Feng Shui principles and dowsing techniques.

I will analyze the floorplan and make recommendations to take advantage of the most fortunate energy, and provide the best flow and position of rooms based on the best personal directions of each family member.

You need to provide me with birthdates of all occupants in the building, the floorplan of the building and plot plan of the land.

Fee quoted per scope of requirements needed for project.

Customization of Floor plan

Design your floor plan using Feng Shui principles so that you can build your dream home from scratch to create the best fortune for you and your family. I modify existing floor plans to work in harmony with the architecture and flow and merge with the Bagua energy map.
Cost $150.00/hr.

Additional Services & Fees

Travel Fees

These apply to locations that are more than thirty minutes away from the zip code 19350 at $50.00 per hour after that.

Long Distance Feng Shui Consultations

Long Distance Feng Shui consultations are available. Fees to be discussed at time of scheduling.

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