Enlightened Spaces for Business Success package includes the following:


I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire that clarifies your intentions and to supply me with a scaled floor plan of your building and plot plan if you have one.

Initial visit

  • Assessment of client’s needs – including site evaluation and analysis of energetic flow as it pertains to the floor plan, architectural features, clutter, placement of furnishings, artwork and design aesthetics with recommendations.
  • Conduct a site evaluation of the land and take a compass reading of the building’s orientation.

Follow up visits includes:

  • A comprehensive Classical Feng Shui report based on the yearly flying stars required to bring your business into balance using the 5 elements.
  • Review of Bagua energy map for your business and your intentions for these areas of your business,
  • Receive personal best power directions for success, health, relationships and growth based on your Trigram for owners and key staff as specified.
  • Email report summary
  • Space Clearing to be performed after hours, when no one is in the building.

Your cost will be billed at an hourly rate of $200.00 per hour with a four-hour minimum. The size and complexity of the job varies from case to case, and the cost will be determined during our first contact.

Free 15 minute phone consultation

Additional Services & Fees:

Travel Fees: These apply to locations that are more than thirty minutes away from the zip code 19350 at $50.00 per hour after that.

Annual report for flying stars– Since energy is not stagnant, the new energies that visit each year, on or about Feb. 4th, affect the existing energy patterns of the previous years adjustments. The cost is $150.00 if this report is emailed with a thirty-minute phone call follow up, or $300.00 if this report is emailed with a one-hour, on-site follow-up for revised design aesthetic recommendations.

Commercial Interior Design sourcing and implementation: including drafting floor planssourcing and specification of design aesthetics. $125.00/hr.

Dowsing for land and building energy alignment in regards to Geopathology. The cost of this service is determined by square footage.

Hourly rate: You will also have available my continued support for Feng Shui or Interior Design consultation to assist you in reaching your highest intentions and goals. This service is available on an hourly basis at $200 per hour.

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