“Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”

-William Morris

  • Interior Design colors

Harmony brings it all together. The result of the design works together to create a pleasing effect. Everyting feels like it’s in the right space. Harmony is inspried by nature. It just natural.


If I asked you what your style is what would you say? Modern, Contemporary, Minimialist, Zen, Industrial, Urban, Eclectic, Traditional, Rustic, Country, Shabby Chic, French County, Art Deco, Art Nouveu, or a combo of the above?


There are many ways to create balance. Do you prefer symmetry or asymmetry? Odd numbers often balance a space over an even numbers. Proportion, the fibionnici ratio is key to creating a balanced design. One large item on the left, balanced with several smaller items on the right. It’s a play between mass, height, color, lighting, texture. They all play a roll.

The combination of Interior Design and Feng Shui allows you to design with a purpose of not only beauty and function but attract more of what you desire in life.

My mission is to help my clients make conscious design choices that reflect their inner beauty and their creative intentions. Together we can create an enlightened home that inspires and supports you to live in beauty, balance and harmony.

  • Interesting lighting for Interior Design by Kristin Wistar
  • Lighting chosen for interior design by Kristin Wistar
  • Lighting design for exterior by kristin wistar

Cast shadows on the ceiling, light up dark corners with up lighting, control brightness of light with dimmers, get creative. Lighting can make or break a space.

  • Peaceful environments by Kristin Wistar

Is sacred something of religious or spiritual representation or is it something else you treat with great respect; a colletion of items you love. What speaks to your heart? It’s different for everyone. Sacred is personal.

  • textures for Interior Design y kristin Wistar
  • texture and colors consideration for interior design by kristin wistar

Texture conveys emotions and messages. Soft, stiff, hard, rough, curvy, textured. Texture orginates from nature. The soft rounded polished stone in a river, the textured bark of a tree trunk, the straight lines of tree branches, the curvy texture of rippling currents of water, the solid mass of earth material, the pointy shape of fire elements.

  • vase&flower color

Color is a magic transformer. Color immediately changes mood and can uplift or depress. It is a frequency, a vibration that transmits energy.


Square= earth, rectangular = wood, wavy=water, triangular= fire, oval or round =metal. Observe shapes with Feng Shui eyes and create balance using the shapes of all the five elements.