I believe Feng Shui is a powerful system for positive changes in life. Together we go on a journey to bring about your deepest desires from the heart. Our visits are spread out for you to experience and to savor each step. One visit builds upon the next. My desire for you is to thoroughly enjoy the process, to commit to making the changes required, and get the life changing results you are looking for. Whether you choose to work at a faster or slower rate, together we move at a pace that is just right for you. In the end you will find yourself lighter and more powerful to attract all the good that life has to offer you.

You also get to focus on which areas of your life you would like to shine more light on:

  • Health & Peace
  • Wealth and Prosperity
  • Relationships & Love
  • So much more!

Step #1

Enlightened Spaces Land and Home Energy Alignment Package

This step is completed in one visit.

This visit includes:

• Bring in new fresh chi. I will start by performing an energy space clearing and blessing of the home and land. This allows us to start with a clean slate before we move on to the next step.
• We will raise the vibration of your home and land and neutralize stressed energy fields and enhance positive ones using dowsing techniques. Stressed fields can impact your finances, health, relationships and emotions. These stressed fields are caused by underground stress from the earth, Hartman and Curry Lines and electrical magnetic frequencies that are inside and outside of your home.
• You will receive an email summary report. After Step One is complete you are now ready to move on to Step Two and Step Three.

Note: cost is priced for up to 3,500 sq ft. Add $0.10 for every sq ft over 3,500. Copper cures are billed at an additional cost of $2.50 per cure.



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Step #2

Enlightened Spaces Feng Shui Package

This step includes two visits and are each 60-120 minutes long. Note: cost is priced for up to 3,000 sq ft. Add $0.10 for every sq ft over 3,000.

First visit includes:

• Prior to our first meeting, I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire form to access your needs, goals and desires and an inner work questionnaire to uncover the connection between mental blocks and how they be surfacing in your physical environment. This may reveal issues in your home that need to be addressed and shine light on limiting beliefs that you can shift into positive affirmations. I will also need a floorplan of your home.
• You and each permanent resident will receive your personal Trigram that reveals your best directions in your home to enhance your success, health, relationships and growth. This is based on your birthdate.
• I evaluate your land and home, floor plan, architectural features, clutter, placement of furnishings, artwork and design aesthetics as it pertains to energetic flow of your home. I make recommendations for cures and activations for effective energies of the current year. It is strongly recommended that you take notes of the evaluation to get the most out of your package.
• We build on your intentions and affirmations, use key words and activation colors and place them in the appropriate areas of your best personal directions in your home to support your dreams and goals.
Note: If session exceeds 2hr time limit, additional $150.00/hour applies. Cost is includes structures up to 3,500 sq ft. Please use contact below for pricing inquiries over 3,500 sq. ft.

Second visit includes:

• This final powerful step reveals your home’s unique permanent energies (some fortunate and some less-fortunate), that are based on the year it was built and the magnetic direction it sits. We will uncover if your home supports or detracts from your wealth, health, relationships and more.
• You will receive a comprehensive Classical Feng Shui report based on the yearly flying stars required to bring your home into balance using the 5 elements. These activations and cures are specific to your home to neutralize draining energies and support life enhancing energies. These powerful adjustments support you and your home in regards to your wealth, relationships and your well-being.
Note: If session exceeds 2hr time limit, additional $150.00/hour applies.



Want to know more about how Feng Shui can impact your life? Click here!

Purchase Step#1 and Step#2 and save $50



Additional Services & Fees

Travel Fees: These apply to locations that are more than thirty minutes away from the zip code 19350 at $50.00 per hour after that.

Annual report for flying stars: Since energy is not stagnant, the new energies that visit each year , on or about Feb. 4th, affect the existing energy patterns of the previous years adjustments. The cost is $125.00 if this report is emailed with a thirty-minute phone call follow up, or $200.00 if this report is emailed with a one-hour, on-site follow-up for revised design aesthetic recommendations.

Interior Design sourcing and implementation: Including drafting floor plans, sourcing and specification of design aesthetics. $125.00/hr.

Hourly rate: You will also have available my continued support for Feng Shui or Interior Design consultation to assist you in reaching your highest intentions and goals. This service is available on an hourly rate at $150 per hour for residential and $200.00 per hour for commercial.

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