Feng Shui is an ancient natural science for living comfort.

My Goals and Commitment to You

My goal as a Feng Shui practitioner is to create harmony by bringing your environment into balance and raising its vibration. When this happens, you will thrive in your home and feel supported, happy and balanced. Then you can truly shine your light in the world.

I am committed to educating and enriching peoples lives by bringing Feng Shui into their environments, so that they can enjoy the best quality of life for themselves, their families and all others whose lives they touch.

Kristin M. Wistar

Feng Shui is a powerful tool that can be used to create a fuller, more expansive life.

A Feng Shui practitioner seeks to balance energy flow in your home or office to enhance all aspects of your life from health, to relationships to finances. By understanding the bagua, or energy map, one can consciously design a space to enhance these life aspects in your environment.

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Feng Shui is for everyone.

It doesn’t matter what your decorating style is or what type of business you have. Your environment is your support system to live more fully. Your space reflects aspects of your life in regards to health, relationships, abundance and much more. Consciously designing your space using the knowledge of Feng Shui, not only creates a beautifully organized environment, but also increases a sense of ones wellbeing and harmony.

It’s important to recognize your personal issues and see how those may be reflected in your space.

You are profoundly affected by your interior surroundings. Objects in your environment affect your subconscious mind, and create a law of attraction that either supports or rejects your goals and desires. When you are blocked and out of balance, your environment is often the first area to reflect those same issues. This can be readily observed in the form of junk, clutter, broken fixtures, etc. In this state, all of the good that life has to offer is waiting for you, but cannot reach you. Feng Shui gives you a system for arranging your surroundings and shifting its energy in order to uplift, harmonize and transform your life. So be mindful about how you want to live your life. Allow your space to become your vision board and support system for what you truly want to achieve and expand in your life.

Your mind, emotions and environment are all connected. Feng Shui can create a balanced living space to help support your feelings and mental states and to master them. This powerful knowledge supports both the inner and outer aspects of your life and environment. Feng Shui enhances the inner and outer aspects of your life and supports your deepest desires.

Tending to both inner and outer is critical to making any permanent changes in your life. But what comes first? The inner or outer work? The answer is either. When you begin working on one aspect, you open the door to the other. However, people often find it easier to start with the outer work, which then can serve as visual reminder that makes inner shifts happen more easily. The physical outer work is seen energy, but what about the unseen energies? That’s where the science comes in. 

For your home and office

These life aspects are each represented in the bagua. This pattern is an energy map broken into eight different sections representing those different areas of your life. The map shows where each of these areas is located in your environment. These areas include:


  • Your Lifes Journey or Career
  • Your Knowledge and Self Cultivation
  • Your Family
  • Your Wealth and Prosperity
  • Your Fame and Reputation
  • Your Love, Marriage, and Relationships
  • Your Creativity and Children
  • Your Helpful People and Travel


  • Career & Business Mission
  • Knowledge & Skill Building
  • Teamwork, Growth, New Beginnings
  • Prosperity & Power
  • Fame and Reputation
  • Business Partners
  • Creativity, Communicate Productivity, Marketing
  • Helpful People and Travel
  • Health of Business & Working Environment

Your environment
is your support system

The energy within your living environment is determined by the year it was built and the magnetic direction it sits on the land.

Through careful calculations, a Feng Shui practitioner can map the unique energy that is inherent in your space. These are considered permanent energies unique to your home. Energy as seen in nature is in constant movement. Feng Shui specifically addresss the visiting energies that affect your space on an annual basis , starting on or about February 4th. These changing energies mean that previous Feng Shui recommendations may shift from year to year.

This time and space process reminds me of an astrological evaluation for a person based on their birthdate and the alignment of the stars when they took their first breath. Just as a person has inherent qualities so does a house. However, the person has free will to make changes; the house does not. A Feng Shui practitioner can evaluate the relevant qualities of your home and make recommendations for the changes needed to support the space and bring it into alignment.

A beautiful, balanced environment can contribute to a feeling of peace, order and happiness.

Many elements create the look and feel of a space and support a strong foundation of beauty, flow and harmony in an environment. Taken together, the location and land, the architectural design, adherence to Feng Shui principles, the interior design including layout, furniture, colors, wall and floor coverings, lighting, artwork, accessories—all these produce that desired sense of harmony.

Feng Shui combines perfectly with Interior Design because it allows you to design with a purpose that not only emphasizes beauty and function, but also attracts more of what you desire in life. When you feel good in a space, when you feel the environment is embracing you, then you know it has good Feng Shui. The principles go much deeper than just the arrangement of furniture or interior design. I like to call this combination conscious designing. When your interior space is designed with the expanded knowledge of Feng Shui, you can consciously choose what to bring into your space to enhance its beauty and  your well-being.

Feng Shui is for everyone. It doesn’t matter what your decorating style is or what type of business you have. This art and science has nothing to do with religion. Good Feng Shui adjustments cater to your personal style, so that the result blends in and feels natural to you in your environment. In most cases, people won’t have any idea you’ve hired a professional for a Feng Shui consultation; people will only notice the good feeling your home emits.

Your environment is both your refuge and your support system for living your life more fully. Your space reflects all aspects of your life, from health to relationships to abundance and much more. Consciously designing your space using the knowledge of Feng Shui, not only creates a beautifully organized environment, but also increases your sense of well-being and harmony.

This Chinese philosophy was derived from the I-Ching more than 3000 years ago and is still in its infancy in the West. Feng Shui provides a design system for arranging your surroundings and shifting energy to align and balance your space, and therefore you, in harmony with the natural world around you.

Modern society has impacted what should be our deep connection with the natural order and balance of the universe. Our ancestors were familiar with the ebb and flow of nature and lived in harmony with those rhythms. Today, the majority of people in the Western World spend about 80% of their time indoors, some deprived of sunlight, surrounded by manmade materials, electronics, chemicals and fields of energy that are not natural for the body. That is why it is so important to create an environment that supports wellness, balance and happiness. Feng Shui also helps to restore us to an understanding of the natural world around us.

The words Feng Shui means wind and water, and the design principles of this art and science involve the movement and flow and harnessing of good energy or chi. Chi is the invisible life force or subtle energy that is present in all life in the universe. It is in every cell of your body. It is the very breath you breathe. Feng Shui works with chi to direct its positive aspects toward increasing your well-being within your environment. Where it flows freely and accumulates, there is health and abundance; where is stagnates, there is sickness and decay.

The constant movement of Yin and Yang (types of energy) creates the five elements that are symbolized by the five types of matter
found in nature.

Water represents movement, flow and abundance

Wood represents growth, expansion, and health

Fire creates action, power, and attraction

Earth represents being grounded and secure

Metal represents focus and attention.


The principles of Yin and Yang involve two opposite forces that must always be in balance. Neither can exist without the other.

They are constantly attracting and creating movement to sustain life. One replaces the other in nature’s cycle:

Examples of Yin and Yang opposites:

  • Hot versus cold
  • Dark versus light
  • Passive versus active
  • Winter versus summer
  • Female versus male

Chi is the invisible life force energy that is present in every form of life in the universe. It is in every cell of our bodies. It is the very breath we breathe. Feng Shui works with chi to harness its positive aspects to increase our well-being. Where it flows freely and accumulates, there is health and abundance, where is stagnates, there is sickness and decay.

The Benefits of
Feng Shui

• Experiencing more harmony and peace

• Achieving order and balance

• Improving your health and wellbeing

• Growing in your career or life’s work

• Attracting a new job or career

• Increasing wealth and prosperity

• Creating a supportive home and work environment

• Growing in self-knowledge and self-cultivation

• Expanding your reputation and recognition in the world

• Creating harmonious family relationships

• Finding a new loving partner

• Enhancing love with your partner

• Supporting and aiding pregnancy

• Creating a nurturing environment for children

• Bringing new travel opportunities into your life

• Expressing yourself more creatively

• Expanding your social life

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