What is a space clearing?

Space clearing is an art of cleansing and revitalizing the energy in your home, building or even your car. It moves stagnant energy in your home or business with the goal to improve health, relationships and finances. Once negativity is in an environment it can get trapped and build up. It is extremely helpful when your life seems to be stuck in some way or for when you want to make a new start. By clearing out the energy of what has happened in a place either your own energy build-up, or that of people who have occupied the space before you,) and then consecrating the space to the specific frequencies of what you want to happen in your life, remarkable changes can occur in all aspects of our lives.

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Signs that negativity is trapped in a space

Arguing or violence

Luck changes from good to bad

Objects get broken easily

Things just stop working

You may need more repairs in the home now than previously.

Feeling sluggish or sick

Why is it important to incorporate this with dowsing?

Once a space has been cleared of stuck energy, it is a clean platform to move to the next stage of clearing stressed energy fields that are disturbing the Earths natural energy flows in your environment. You wouldn’t put a dirty shirt on and then iron it and add your jewelry. You would first wash your shirt (space clearing) and then iron and accessorize with jewelry (dowsing and Feng Shui) to look and feel your best.

Space Clearing & House Blessing, when not part of Feng Shui consultation: Cost is $150.00 for up to 3000 sq. ft.

If greater than 3000 sq. ft., I will quote fees when scheduling your appointment.

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